Progress report: August '19

08/09/2019 07:39
In this month's update: loads of new animations and setting up Steam publishing in preparation for the Kickstarter campaign.

The Innkeep

The next stop in out long list of character animation updates is the Innkeep. You will find him in the Tavern, cleaning mugs and waiting for customers to drop in.


Now that there's hardly any evidence of the old demo in the new one, we can finally show you some official, real in-game screenshots! We also added a shiny to carousel to the home page to showcase them.

STeam & KS prep

We have reached the point where we felt it is time to check out how we'll publish the game to Steam. So we did just that. It will be easier this way to distribute the demo among devs, testers and later the press.

The warm and fuzzy feeling when you see your game in your Steam library for the first time is almost indescribable.