Progress report: March '19

07/04/2019 19:40
Another month has passed. Have I got something pretty to show you? Well yes, yes I do!

UI thingy

The first thing that we updated visually, was the action wheel. This has been bothering me for a long time now. We didn't want to change the functionality at all, we just wanted to update the look a bit.

We added new icons to the buttons.
As you may know, besides the usual trio of look-talk-use actions, we have break, and more importantly the improvable abilities: charm, strength and agility. As you progress in the game, those latter three can be improved. To show the player's progress in this, we used to have a really simple and boring linear progress bar on the top of the screen. We wanted to merge this progress display with buttons themselves for better UX. On top of all that I had the crazy idea make the whole action wheel look like an old bracelet, something that ancient Hungarians would wear. And so this is the result.

Another cool scene: watermill

Seeing that the previous incarnation of the Watermill and Riverside combo was problematic to navigate, we decided to merge these two scenes and rearrange things a bit. I'm not going to show you the previous version because it is not even the same scene anymore. Let's just look at this video snippet from the scene.