Progress report: Start of 2020

12/05/2020 13:27
When I said goodbye to year 2019 I did not expect that 2020 will greet us with a pandemic. Needless to say we had to make some changes in our lives and it did affect our productivity, but I also have some cool stuff to show you! So, get ready for this monster of an update...

Quarantine? What quarantine?

You heard that joke about introverts, gamers, coders and alike are handling the lockdown much better than others, right? Becasue our regular life is exactly the same as in quarantine, yeah? Hahaha... No. So far everyone in our team is perfectly healthy and our biggest problems were things like "where to buy toilet paper from?", "how to entertain our toddler?" or "where did all the flour go?". So we got it pretty good, I think. Still, it took us a few weeks (or was it months?) to figure out the new routine at home, all the while continuing to work from home. That obviously took some effort, so progress has slowed down a bit.

So let's see what we have done since the last report...

The intro

We have completely redone the whole intro visuals. The story and the audio is the same, but backgrounds, characters, animation... it is going to be an entirely new experience! Now, we are working on the final touches and the music. Once that is done, we will publish it so you will be able see it in all its glory! Just a little more patience...

Till then, here are some stills from the intro.

Elder's hut

This Elder's scene has been almost ready for ages. And the finishing bits that were missing have now been added. Smoke and fog!

World map and Main menu

You might already have seen this bit. We have switched out the old main menu for the new one which incorporates bits of the world map and various in-game elements, like trees, clouds and fog.


We have experienced some technical difficulties over the past week or so. The code has moved house and the good news is, that Google and Facebook login options have been reinstated.

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In the coming weeks we will continue working on our cutscenes, music and some new game features. Our next goal is to be able to show you the full and finished intro video, along with some nice game play videos.

Stay safe everyone!