Behind the Beyond is the tale of a young lad who sets off to find a job, but finds a wondrous adventure instead.

Explore a truly magical world and solve the mysteries of the Kingdom Behind the Beyond playing as Johnny, the youngest son of a poor man, and his companion the Fox.

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The world of Behind the Beyond is rooted deep within Eastern European folklore. It is very important to us to deliver a look and feel that is true to our Hungarian heritage in both content and visuals. We channel the music and the embroidery styles of our ancestors, as well as their craft of storytelling.

Featuring multiple endings and alternative solutions to puzzles, Behind the Beyond is not your regular point & click. Its unique features also include improvable skills of Strength, Charm and Dexterity, equipment and an automatic day-night cycle, adding new layers of depth to puzzles.

This game is currently in development.


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posted by tenshiko
31/07/2023 13:48

It's all about Ulti

Ulti is a very popular card game in Hungary. So naturally, when we were thinking about what type of mini game we could add to Behind the Beyond, Ulti was an obvious choice. From the very rough first version, it is now mostly complete, with a gorgeous and comprehensive tutorial that will also be completely voiced.