Behind the Beyond is the tale of Jánoska, a young man who sets off to find a job, but finds a wondrous adventure instead.

A captivating journey deeply rooted in Hungarian folklore, a winding tale of magic and mystery with multiple endings, set against a backdrop of beautiful folk art and music.

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Ready for the ultimate challenge? Take your Behind the Beyond experience to the next level with Ulti!

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just diving in, Ulti - the official card game of Behind the Beyond - offers a whole new dimension of excitement and strategy. Don't miss out – download Ulti now!

About the game

At the heart of Behind the Beyond lies the rich tapestry of Hungarian folklore. Drawing inspiration from the music, embroidery styles, and storytelling traditions of our ancestors, we strive to transport players to a world brimming with the soulful echoes of our cultural legacy.

We bring you a captivating fusion of classic point-and-click adventure and innovative gameplay concepts! Immerse yourself in a vibrant world with a dynamic day-night cycle, where every decision shapes your destiny, and hone your skills in charm, strength, and dexterity as you navigate through enchanting landscapes. With multiple paths to puzzle-solving and endings to uncover, every choice you make can leave a lasting impact on your adventure.

You will also take control of a unique companion with their own set of actions, adding a new layer of depth to your exploration. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of Behind the Beyond?

This game is currently in development.


Hey streamers!

Did you know, you can play include your viewers in the game you are streaming?

Behind the Beyond offers an integrated 'streamer mode' where you can ask for assistance from your audience.

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posted by tenshiko
31/07/2023 13:48

It's all about Ulti

Ulti is a very popular card game in Hungary. So naturally, when we were thinking about what type of mini game we could add to Behind the Beyond, Ulti was an obvious choice. From the very rough first version, it is now mostly complete, with a gorgeous and comprehensive tutorial that will also be completely voiced.