Behind the Beyond is the tale of a young lad who sets off to find a job, but finds a wondrous adventure instead.

Once upon a time, over the Glass Mountains, but before the Neverending Sea, in the Kingdom Behind the Beyond, lived a very poor man with his three sons.

Our story begins with Johnny, the youngest son. He is determined to learn a profession so he waves goodbye to his father and sets off on a journey. However, being a kind-hearted and bright young man, Johnny finds himself solving mysteries and puzzles soon enough.

About the game

The first version of the game was an entry to Adventure Jam 2016 on GameJolt. After the first few days of fruitless brainstorming, we sat down and asked ourselves: what makes adventure games good? Well, the adventure! Duh. Once we figured this out, we looked for a setting that is unusual and has the potential for a great story. This is why we picked Hungarian folklore. Most of us grew up listening to these stories, yet the rest of the world is not that familiar with them.

By the end of the jam we all fell in love with this game and decided to finish the story and make a real game out of this entry.

This game in currently in development.

Download demo

The wait is over, my friends. Here is the great new demo!

Altough we were really careful, some bugs might have avoided detection. If you find one and report it to us, we would be eternally grateful for it!

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Game jam

The original of this game was submitted to a game jam at

Please note that this is a game jam entry and as such, it contains some bugs!

Latest from our blog

posted by tenshiko
03/12/2018 19:18

Progress report: November '18

In this progress report: visual improvements on the village houses and fences; animating the pause menu; a more modern save/load page.