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Behind the Beyond is the tale of a young lad who sets off to find a job, but finds a wondrous adventure instead.

Our story begins with Johnny, the youngest son. He is determined to make his own fortune, so he waves goodbye to his father and sets off on a journey...


A new and improved demo is coming soon!

For the time being, we removed the download buttons from the site because we felt the old demo doesn't do justice to the game. We will be back soon, with the new one!

Game jam version

Download the original from

Please note that this is a game jam entry and as such, it contains some bugs!


The world of Behind the Beyond is rooted deep within Eastern European folklore. It is very important to us to deliver a look and feel that is true to our Hungarian heritage in both content and visuals. We channel the music and the embroidery styles of our ancestors, as well as their craft of storytelling.

Let us take you back in time right into our childhood, filled with magical creatures and wonderful places of mystery; and into the hot summer days we spent at our grandparents’ house.

Multiple solutions

There's no single right answer! You will find that most puzzles in Behind the Beyond have many different solutions.

On top of that, you can decide whether you want to use your Strength, Dexterity or your Charisma to resolve a situation. You have the opportunity to gain experience in these abilities and shape the sort of person Johnny will become at the end.

Entertaining characters

While keeping things old-school and traditional, we are no strangers to humour be it character comedy, terrible dad jokes or expertly placed pop culture references.

We are catering for those who like to read a lot and get deep into the background stories as well as the ones who are just here for the puzzles.

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