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Developer: Sugarpunch Games
Intended release date: 2025
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux *
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Price: RRP £17
Availability: Digital download
Languages: English, Hungarian (text only) *
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Other places: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitch | YouTube | Discord

*More to be announced


Behind the Beyond is a captivating journey deeply rooted in Hungarian folklore, a winding tale of magic and mystery with multiple endings, set against a backdrop of beautiful folk art and music. Join Jánoska, the youngest son of a humble man, as he unravels the kingdom's mysteries and discovers his destiny. Every choice matters as you shape the fate of the kingdom and its people, aided by a cunning fox companion.

Folklore and culture

At the heart of Behind the Beyond lies the rich tapestry of Hungarian folklore. Drawing inspiration from the music, embroidery styles, and storytelling traditions of our ancestors, we strive to transport players to a world brimming with the soulful echoes of our cultural legacy.

By immersing themselves in this enchanting adventure, players will encounter the mystical creatures of Hungarian folklore, including the three-headed dragon, the ethereal fairies, shapeshifting evil spirits and other legendary beings that may be unfamiliar to many.

Their adventures are accompanied by the unique and beautiful music of the amazing Kerekes Band.


The official card game of Hungary, seamlessly integrated into the immersive world of Behind the Beyond!

Ulti offers players a chance to experience the beloved Hungarian card game within the enchanting realm of Behind the Beyond. But that's not all – Ulti will also be available as a standalone game on Steam, allowing players to jump right in, without having to play the main game at all.

Behind the Beyond: Ulti ensures that players can enjoy the game without compromising the storyline of Behind the Beyond. As players progress through the main title, the content of Ulti will grow alongside it, offering new challenges.

Gameplay unlike any other

Our adventure game blends classic point-and-click mechanics with innovative gameplay elements. A dynamic day-night cycle offers you new opportunities and challenges as the sun sets and rises, but what truly sets Behind the Beyond apart are its alternative puzzle solutions, where your abilities in charm, strength, and dexterity are giving you the freedom to tackle obstacles in your own unique style.

During his travels Jánoska gains a loyal friend, a talking fox who accompanies him on his journey, offering assistance and companionship along the way. With the ability to call upon this clever fox in various situations, players can explore alternative puzzle solutions and unlock hidden paths. Whether it's using the fox's agility to reach inaccessible areas or leveraging her keen senses to uncover secrets, the interactive buddy adds a whole new dimension to gameplay.



Sugarpunch Games is the brainchild of Katalin Rábel, a multi-talented individual with a passion for creating captivating gaming experiences. With a degree in computer science, Katalin initially delved into the world of business software. However, her true calling lay in the realm of games, prompting her to transition her skills and pursue her dream.

As the sole permanent member of Sugarpunch Games, Katalin wears many hats, taking on roles in coding, art, animation, management, and social media. While she primarily works from home alongside her husband, she occasionally collaborates with other talented individuals to bring her visions to life.

Driven by a love for gaming and a desire to craft immersive worlds, Katalin pours her heart and soul into every project, striving to deliver experiences that resonate with players on a profound level. Despite juggling the responsibilities of work and family, Katalin remains dedicated to her craft, determined to leave her mark on the gaming industry one pixel at a time.





Please be aware that at this moment, this is NOT a definitive list and we will be updating it as more people join us.

Katalin Rábel

Katalin Rábel

Katalin Rábel
Tamás Rábel

Marton Adam Marton
Katalin Rábel

Katalin Rábel

Zak Eidsvoog

Kerekes Band

Gábor Szabó
Klaudia Bereczki

Tamás Rábel

HU - Katalin Rábel

Narrator - Howard Collis
Johnny - Tom Hounsham
Fox - Bethany Landskroner
Johnny's Father - Kev Summers
Gingerbread Man - Gary Woodlock
Master - Chris Dale
Master's Wife - Jane O'Sullivan
Angry Dude - Kev Summers
Drinking Dude - Gary Woodlock
Sleeping Dude - Gary Woodlock
Innkeep's Daughter - Adrienne Cox
Innkeep - Chris Dale
Elder - Kev Summers
Anna - Lara Powell

Bianka Bálint
Péter Erdős
Endre Fejes
Zsófia Gáncs
Éva Horváth
Viktor Imre
Máté Jambricska
Róbert Kiss
Tamás Medvey
András Ódor
Tamás Ökrös
Imre Pató
Tamás Paulik
Ádám Portschy
Eszter Rosenbaum
Henrik Schnell
Kefro (Anastasia Shipul)
Enikő Soós
Neszta Volkai
Ádám Zovits

Endre Fejes
Nóra Fülöpp
Réka Kiss
Zoltán Molnár
Zsolt Molnár
Péter Tolnay
Dávid Turczi
Mária Túróczy
László Vincze
Neszta Volkai
Chris Waller
Zsombor Zeöld