Progress report: April '19

13/05/2019 21:05
Better late then never, the April progress report is here. All of Master's Wife's animations are now complete and he place is livened up with trees fit for a fairy tale. Some changes are coming to the website too.


Although we had a bit of a setback with animations as Open Toonz started acting up, we managed to complete all the animations for the Master's Wife. Just look...


As you may have noticed, the trees have gone missing since we started the whole graphics update. Now they are back! With a vengeance!

We added not just one, but 7 types of trees. The idea behind it all is that we wanted to keep the half-embroidery style that we used with flowers, but it had to be done a different way. I picked 7 indigenous species of trees that are commonly found in Hungary. Those form the base of how the trees are shaped. Then I added a barely visible layer of patterns to each tree to represent their leaves and fruit.
While working on them I made sure that each tree represents its real life twin and also that they have character.
For animation, the trees are separated into chunks (by their branches more or less) so they can be independently moved to create a light wind effect. And to add a bit of diversity, the actual images used for the leaves are not green, but black and white and they get their colour in-game.

Website changes

At the moment we are a bit behind on the web dev department, so some of the site functionality has stopped working (e.g. external logins). We are aware of this and we are working on it. There's a bit of graphic design change coming as well anyway so why not hit two birds one stone, eh?

See you again in next month's update!