Progress report: End of '19

24/12/2019 08:12
Oh boy, time has passed so quickly and we had a busy couple of months behind us! I missed a couple of updates because believe it or not, literally every single person in the team has moved houses around October/November. So it was quite hectic and I though it's better to get back on track and then write the next report rather than quickly throwing something together. So here it is...

Updated visuals

Most of the work done in past couple of months was about improving visuals. In some cases we have completely reimagined scenes, characters, UI elements, etc. We are mostly done with the in-game bits of that. You may have already seen some of the work done since August on our twitter.

For example, the level-up animation.

My personal favourite however was the castle in the heart of the kingdom, as it took shape in its magical, whimsical form!

Our current quest

Now that (most parts of) the kingdom are up to date, we started working on the next big chunk of visual updates: reworking the intro. I was hoping we could show it to you before Christmas but it proves to be a lot more work than expected. But it already looks great and I hope that we can start next year with showing it to you guys! We are all really excited to get it done and present it in its new shape!
Have a lovely Christmas, everyone! See you next year!