Progress report: February'19

12/03/2019 20:25
Moving on to the next scene, in February we gave a bit of a facelift to the Backyard scene. It turned out to be really pretty.


A couple of things were conceptually wrong with the Backyard scene. Maybe you didn't even notice, but still you'd have a strange feeling when you entered the Backyard... that something... wasn't quite right...

Take a look...
Now to remind you, here's what the village looks like, and here's the door that leads to Master's backyard.
So if you use that door to enter the backyard, you should either enter the scene from the right and see Master's house in your view, OR if you enter the backyard scene on the left (which was the case in the old setup), you should see parts of all the other backyards and gardens and should NOT see the Master's house at all, as it would be behind you character.

To fix this, we completely rearranged the whole seen and rethought the building and the plants .. and well... basically almost everything in there... Since the old backyard version was almost the same one from the beginning (meaning the game jam version) I feel it would be unfair to compare the old and new scenes here. So without further ado, here's the shiny new backyard.