Progress report: September 2021

06/10/2021 11:50
You might have heard: we got our demo published!
What's next you ask?
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Ok, now that this is out of the way, here's what's been going on...

Yep, I was on TV

The scariest and most exciting bit of August was probably when I appeared on Hungarian national television. LIVE.

Because of the theme of the game there has been a lot of interest from cultural progammes to cover our story. I was interviewed in the radio and newspapers. I expected some buzz from gaming and tech magazines, but this was something entirely different.

I was invited to appear on a live cultural TV programme 'Libretto', to talk about the game and how it ties in with Hungarian culture. The phrase 'I was so nervous I couldn't even remember my own name' is a pretty accurate description of how I felt. I was going to be on screen for about 7 minutes. I had to be in much earlier to do hair and makeup. After that was done, about 10 mins before starting the programme, out came the two presenters to introduce themselves and have a little chat with me. One of the presenters was Gábor Csőre, a well-know and accomplished Hungarian actor. I knew his name and his voice well. You see, he has done a LOT of voiceovers. Throughout my childhood, if I watched a movie or a cartoon that was dubbed, there was a really good chance he was in the voice cast. Meeting him in person, was totally surreal for me. He introduced himself and we shook hands. I was literally thinking to myself: 'Umm, this is where I say my name, right...? Right... What the f* is my name?!'

Needless to say it took me a couple of tries to get a proper sentence out of my mouth during the interview at frist, but after that I did ok I think. :)

The Demo

Also during August, our Demo reached beta stage. A whooping 30 enthusiastic volunteers were trying to break the game every day - and did so quite successfully. It took us about a month to get absolutely everything fixed, and there you have it! Demo is out on Steam!

I am SUPER happy with how it turned out and eternally thankful that I have had so many helping hands!

After the demo was out, some streamers jumped straight into playing it! I have to say it is so satisfying (and uselful) to watch people playing the game. I love to see their reactions to the jokes, the plot twists and the visuals. I'll be honest, it does feed my ego when they are impressed or laugh at my stupid jokes. But it's also useful to see what they think and more importantly how they think when solving puzzles. I can see if there is a bit which they don't see or don't use as I intended for them. Many times it is an indicator that maybe the design is not good enough and sometimes it even gives me ideas on how to improve the UI or a puzzle.

Next stop: Kickstarter

This is it, people!
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See you soon!